Buy or Rent Wedding Dress for Destination Wedding

Why You Should Rent A Bridal Gown Instead Of Bringing It For Your Hawaii Wedding?

On average, a wedding dress can take up $2000 to $5000 of your wedding budget. If you want to keep costs down, a wedding dress rental can be a smart option. Many brides have emotional value attached to their bridal gown, but when you really think about it, you’ll be wearing it for 3-5 hours, and afterward, probably never. Doesn’t it make more sense to rent? And then use the money for your honeymoon or future expenses. If you still aren’t fully convinced, here are 4 more reasons why dress rental Hawaii makes for an ideal wedding decision. 

#1 Stress-Free About Travelling With Your Bridal Gown

Traveling with your bridal gown is quite the task! In order to keep the dress in tip-top shape, you’ll have to ensure several measures. But why do that when you can easily go for a wedding dress rental, right? 

#2 You Don’t Have To Worry About Keeping It Steamed & Cleaned

Another hitch while traveling with a wedding gown is how easily it can crinkle & possibly get stained. Airline services don’t have any particular services for those traveling for weddings. In fact, some brides book an additional seat just for the wedding dress’s protection sake. 

#3 There are Amazing Wedding Dress Rentals In Hawaii

In Hawaii, you can find wedding dress rentals like Something Borrowed easily. We let you pick your dream gown in 3 simple steps. Browse the inventory and pick your top 3, go for trials and choose ‘the one’, lastly, return the dress uncleaned. No hidden dry cleaning or storage amount. 

#4 If You Become Emotionally Attached To The Dress, You Can Purchase It!

For some brides, the sentimental aspects of the wedding attire and the desire to pass it on will take over the monetary value. In case you change your mind and want to keep your wedding dress, our service allows you to purchase it instantly! 

Got any more questions about our wedding dress rental services? Feel free to send any messages over and we’d be happy to help you with anything. 

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