How Much Does A Hawaii Wedding Cost

How Much Does A Hawaii Wedding Cost? An Average Estimate!

A destination wedding in Hawaii is a dream many couples hold, especially those who have always desired an island ceremony. While many factors are to be considered for an island ceremony – the price is one of the deciding ones. So, here’s our Hawaii wedding budget breakdown for couples wanting to get married in this picturesque state. 

What’s the average cost of a destination wedding in Hawaii?

An average Hawaii wedding budget is $25,000. This is much below the national average wedding spend of $33,000. The cost doesn’t include airfare, accommodation, and ceremony attire. If you’re planning an elopement, intimate wedding, or a simple beach ceremony, the Hawaii wedding costs can easily go down to $1500. 

We have packages that start from $1200, which covers beach ceremony, venue costs, and legal, like marriage certificate, officiant, etc. Other packages ranging from 2k to 3k include a simply elegant wedding inclusive of bride & groom dress rentals. Of course, we can curate a perfect wedding experience in any set budget for our clients, happily!  Wedding is definitely note one size fit all, that is why we offer wedding planning and day of coordination to assist you create your perfect day.

What factors contribute to the cost of a destination wedding?

Hawaii wedding costs can vary depending on so many factors. The major determining elements include the number of guests, accommodation, catering, and décor. Another component that will influence your Hawaii wedding budget is a full-time destination wedding planner – required if you’re hosting a big wedding and are particular about key details. Having a close-knit group of guests definitely brings down the costs, plus, you get to spend more time with your nearest & dearest. 

3 Tips To Save On Your Hawaii Wedding

  • Choose A Weekday Over Weekend
  • Pick A Venue that includes table setting and décors in the fee
  • Repurpose The Ceremony Décor For Reception (particularly florals) 

We hope this blog cleared any doubts you had about the Hawaii wedding budget. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help and show you our detailed packages!

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