Why Hire a Destination Wedding Planner?

Now that you are on set on your Hawaiian Wedding Dream Destination, the planning begins. With all the excitement comes the realization that planning a wedding from afar with the multiple event logistic (reception, venue, rehearsal, ceremony, flowers, officiant, photographer, etc. OH MY!), the good news is that there are Local Destination Wedding Planner to help you.

But I am a DIY Bride and just need help on Day of Wedding 

DIY Brides can still use Destination Wedding Planner for Day of Wedding Coordinator services.  You’re in change of all the planning and logistic and your Day of Wedding Coordinator will ensure it runs as you plan.  On your day of wedding, you don’t want to stop every time there is a hiccup, that is what the wedding coordinator is there to ensure it doesn’t impact your day. Simple!

Reasons to Hire a Destination Wedding Planner?

Peace of Mind and Great Local Deals! The reality having the peace of mind knowing that you are on the hands of someone who is local with the experience, connections and relationship built firsthand over time creating brides like you create an unforgettable Hawaiian Wedding.

Is it expensive to hire a Destination Wedding Planner?

The cost varies on wedding planner on type of services provided. Wedding planner have different fee models such as % premium, flat fee/billable hours, % of vendor cost plus venue, some other charges extra fees like travel, etc. and or blended approach. So, don’t be scared to ask and discuss fee that is comfortable to your budget.  For instance, Something Borrowed Wedding Planner changes a flat fee.  We advertise the detail of what we provide to ensure you are comfortable of what you are getting. Schedule/Book our Wedding Planner or Day of Coordination.

In short, hiring a Destination Wedding Planner to ensure your ceremony and receptions comes together perfectly is worth the investment. Don’t you think?